The Women's Giving Circle of Howard County

Grants and Programs

The Women’s Giving Circle is building a community of philanthropists and creating a permanent legacy to address the needs of women and girls in Howard County.

  • We are a fund at the Community Foundation of Howard County.
  • We are run by the WGC Advisory Board, our leadership board that makes ongoing decisions.
  • We have an endowment, so that we will have money in perpetuity to fund programs that benefit women and girls.
  • We give grants to nonprofits in Howard County that focus on our mission.
  • We raise money from donors to support our grantmaking.
  • We host events and programs to engage donors and raise money to support our grantmaking.

We’ve been part of the Howard County community for 15 years.

  • We’ve raised over $1 million to support our efforts.
  • We’ve raised this money from over 1,000 donors.
  • We’ve given over 100 grants to nonprofits Howard County.